Is it Time to Get Serious or to Get Real?

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At what point in your life is it time to ‘get serious?’ This is the question I want to try to hash out an answer to…

First off, what does it mean to ‘get serious?’ The first thing that comes to my mind? You start being boring and stop living a real life. Yuck. Sounds terrifying, so why are so many people getting serious?

‘Getting serious’ doesn’t actually mean what I initially threw out there. For me, it means something a bit different. I am serious, but I am not boring. I am serious, but I do not have a ‘real job.’ I am serious, but I still drink and eat too much. I am serious, but I refuse to let work or societal expectations guide my everyday. I am serious, but I am also just, well, not. So, am I being serious or am I just being real?

I want to switch up the term ‘getting serious’ for ‘getting real.’ Why? Because ‘getting real’, to me, makes more sense than ‘getting serious.’ To get real is to show up in life, to really make things happen, and to be realistic about what you want.

I’ve always been real, but I didn’t ‘get real’ until a few months ago. I was unhappy in San Diego (God knows why), and couldn’t see a way out if I stayed. So, I got real. I got up and moved. I took control of my life and sent myself to Aspen. I wasn’t going to be a ski bum, I wasn’t going to be a party animal, I was going to get my $h!t together. That is getting real. Identifying you need a change and having the balls to make that change.

The next step in ‘getting real’ was deciding to commit to that man I want. No more wishy-washy here and theres. Let’s either do this or not. Let’s get real. We aren’t getting serious, just real.

‘Getting real’ simply means learning to be honest with yourself and your truth. ‘Getting serious’ means adhering to someone else’s idea of ‘getting real.’

So, we all have a choice in life…we can either ‘get serious’ or ‘get real.’

If you disagree – let me know. I would just love to hear what you have to say about ‘getting serious’. Because, if you disagree, it probably means your super good and getting serious.



It’s a Techy- Tech World.

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‘Poof’ here comes another social network. ‘Wahpow’ another startup earns millions in funding. It never seems to stop. We seem to be in a whirlwind of tech startups. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, ‘when you’re hot, you’re hot,” right? Well, in the tech world one minute you can be on top, and the next sitting in the outfield, if even on the field. That’s just how it goes. Its a risk, but a hell of a lot of fun.

The tech world, in my opinion, which I’m sure doesn’t mean a whole lot to you at this point, is one of the most exciting, yet one of the most aggravating industries around. But, here I am, living it day-by-day, trying to get our startup’s name in lights, or at least on the lips of some Silicon Valley big wigs. If that sounds familiar, you know it’s no walk in the park.

While some enjoy the luxuries of their protected offices filled with food and cubicles, we don’t have time to relax, let alone grab a sandwich. We live with a certain intensity that keeps us on at all times. I am not saying its good to be on all the time, yet somehow…we are. At a startup or small business, there is not a day that goes by where we do not take risks. That is what keeps us going. It keeps us alive. Risk taking means that you are not totally secure, and I do not think that security ever really comes with being an entrepreneur, and honestly, deep down I don’t think we ever want to feel total security in our endeavors. There is a rush that is associated with entrepreneurship, an addictive rush.

I do not know about you, but I live everyday with the ambition to succeed, and become ‘it’, that next great idea.

It’s funny that what I fear most, the ‘comfort zone,’ or total security, is a place that so many strive to achieve. For me, the excitement is that over arching feeling of ‘whats next?’ constantly looming over me. Sometimes whatever does come next is not always prime, but when that ‘what’s next’ is a mass explosion of success, it feels pretty damn delightful.

Im young, and Im pretty confident, but I am also scared shitless. Two years ago I had the security, and a lot of it. Today, I am happy to risk security for something bigger, a greater reward.


Bitches Love Dom

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Meet Cali. She’s a little bitch who loves the finer things in life. (See below) Cali is a rad little dog with a big heart. She’s just one of the many animal influences in my life. She love to play, get her hair did, and party with the best of ’em. Ask anybody. Even she gets bored with fine champagne from time to time. It’s always best to mix it up. Why not try some veuve from time to time? You just find you really like it.


The Modern Renegade

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As I peruse through the timeline that is my life I realize the change, the evolution, the metamorphosis I have undergone. From the man I was with, to the boy who occupies my thoughts in this moment. From the life I thought I wanted to the life I am seeking now. I am not the same person I was. Of course, pieces of me still exist, but so much has changed. The girl I was is no longer. The girl I am today is a whole different story, and one that I can confidently say, is that person who has always lived deep within my soul. I have achieved much, yet somehow feel more childish than ever. I consider myself a woman, but with such youth, it’s almost childish.

Perhaps, I am evolved, and I aim to redefine what it is to be a woman of the modern ages. Unfortunately, it remains to be cute rather than sophisticated charm. I know the sophisticated charm lies in me because it comes out every now and again. However, the girl in me has been making an appearance more often than not, scaring the sophistication into total hibernation.

This charm, sophistication and refinement remains inside, but takes on a more juvenile persona. I kinda like it. Summer has passed, and winter is coming. I will not fully let go of the girl inside, for she inspires, excites, and electrifies me. Letting her go, would mean letting a large part of who I am drift away. I am just a little girl with big ambitions and the means to achieve. I love to play in the snow, drink too much, and frolic all day, but somehow these are deemed activities of the immature and childish. I disagree. I believe that both the child and lady in us all can coexist. Where is the expression “girls will be girls?”

Refined sophistication lies within the woman who not only speaks her mind, but makes the choice to live rather than exist within the confines of what she is expected to be. In fact, some find it daring and rather magnetic.

Although, it is time to put the summer sun behind, the little girl renegade in me is not. She remains. She always will.

As I sat with Woof, he told me that he loved the renegade in me. That we were both renegades, which was why we share what we do between us. It was in that moment that I smiled, and realized, quite right he was. I could be as successful and motivated as I wanted, but I was never going to give up my freedom, the will to explore, discover, live.

So many people lose who they were, and become so entranced in their daily lives. They can’t leave, they can’t stay, and they can’t stand it. They are too afraid to do something different for the sake of being insecure. I dare say that side of me has crept up on me more times than I would have liked, but you must harness it. The reason this fear exists is because society has blasted it upon us. For some it is enough, for others it isn’t, but the fear weighs heavily upon their shoulders. For a mere few, this confinement would be the death of them.

Naturally, I’m not saying you cannot be successful in your career, many are and many do. A successful career can play a big part in a successful life. Humans strive to achieve by nature. We are competitive. We like to be the best. Achievement stimulates fulfillment, but only if you view it so. By no means am I saying to live life off the grid, but if that would make you happy, then perhaps it’s time. Just because you choose to view the world and your life differently than others does not mean that you are a renegade of society in its true definition.

So, what then, you might ask, is my definition of a renegade? A renegade is someone who knows when to take control and when to let go. They know when to stand up and when to keep their mouth shut. They are successful, but in doing what they love most, not in what others want them to do. The choices made in life are choices that lead them to their eventual true self, someone who is free from the fear of change, of instability, or being alone. A renegade lives because they know it will be more fun than anyone could have ever imagined. This renegade does not want to become the lawyer that their parents expected and marry the person Grandmother wishes.

The freedom to drink a little too much, move to Costa Rica for a couple of months, play the part of a ski bunny for the winter is what being a renegade is all about. Just make it sustainable. In my eyes, not being able to experience the many tremendously wonderful facets of the current world that we live in is like depriving yourself of a life worth fighting for. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world? Sit atop a camel in Morocco? Ski the powder pillows in Whistler? Or Hike the Inca trail to Machu Pichu?

What works for one may not work for another, but never be too scared to take the risk to fight for the life you want. To be the renegade you want to be. If it’s in you, let it out.

En Route to Distinction: The Pursuit of Excellence

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Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” Truer words have never been spoken. Throughout my entire life, I have repeatedly pursued excellence and distinction.  Whether in my academic career or professional ambitions, reaching for the top has been at the peak of my consciousness.

My life’s journey, thus far, has been anything but customary. Having European parents and a California homestead have presented me with opportunities that have allowed me to flourish in both my personal life and professional métiers.

From the Rocky Mountain peaks of Aspen, Colorado to the bustling streets of Paris, my schooling and childhood offered me the experience and knowledge that have led me to this point in my life. A point of savoring my unequivocal thirst for travel and experience, life and love.

My love for Europe developed when I attended high school in Paris. It was an experience never to be forgotten, and one that will influence me my entire life. The people I met, and the lessons I learned, have allowed me to recognize the differences between nations. Cultures and customs, whether in business or in personal relationships vary greatly. What seems appropriate in one city, may, in fact, be quite offensive in another. The psychology behind these differences has always intrigued me, especially among different societies. I believe it was having the opportunity to travel that truly stimulated my early interest in pursuing the fabulous live I live.

SkiBoots and Stilettos was born on this very pursuit of excellence. This excellence does not always come in the form of professional superiority, but in living a life filled with distinction, refinement, and most importantly, the lust for gratifying indulgences.