Project Aspen: The Sacrifices We Make

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Aspen is a town of quaint luxury located in ski bum grand central station. From the world’s wealthiest to the waitresses, ski instructors, and bartenders that keep this town shaking, Aspen is a melting pot for anyone seeking adventure and an escape from what most people consider the real world. However, do not think I am claiming that Aspen is not the real world, in fact, it most certainly is. The difference is that we made a choice to make this our real world. We decided to embrace the beauty and freedom that comes with living in Aspen. Now, not all of us have embraced a so-called real job or career, but there are some of us that have. So, what does that mean? It just means we get the best of both worlds in absolute paradise.

Paradise, of course, is an objective term. Everyone’s idea of it can and may be different, however, I would argue that few can deny the majestic spell Aspen casts among the residents and tourists alike. Protruding mountain scapes, mushrooming night life, no pun and pun intended, not to mention the beautiful people, all full of life and experiences. With all that Aspen has to offer, it is no wonder that so many make this place their home, or second home. However, with that being said, there are some sacrifices to be made.

  1. If you live here full-time, you probably are not going to work for the world’s largest companies and make hundred of thousands of dollars a year. This does not mean, you cannot meet a CEO and work remotely for them, but your options are limited.

2. Say hello to continuous online shopping. Yes, there is literally no place to go buy inexpensive clothes, makeup, house supplies, furniture, etc. Even my paper towels I have resorted to bringing in the internet to help with this mundane task. The closest town for any of this is about 45 mins away, and nobody, who works, has any real time for this trek.

3. You have no choice but to become more ‘active.’ Not that this is a sacrifice, but even the most unathletic of people need to step their game up, get up in the morning and go on a hike. We live in one of the most picturesque places in the world, if you aren’t ‘getting after it’ in some form or another, you are wasting precious space. Not to mention, everyone around you is climbing fourteeners and hiking hours to go ski untouched lines. You don’t want to feel like a complete bum now, do you?

4. You will be a topic of gossip at one point or another. It’s a small town. Everyone knows everyone. Regardless of your reputation, who you hang out with, or any other variables, at some point in time, your name will be in lights (some not so bright) around town. Just the nature of small town livin’.

5. You cannot leave the house without looking like a normal person. You will always run in to someone you know. Whether you are going to the post office, the market, or simply driving across town, you will absolutely run into at least one acquaintance. This town is too small, and everybody knows everybody, so keep that in mind before you leave the house in pajamas and your makeup from last night.

6. Say goodbye to ripe avocados and delicious produce all year round. This is my tragedy. Being from San Diego, I am used to beautiful ripe avocados and fresh produce literally all year long. Not only can you not get amazing produce unless you trek down to Whole Foods, 30 mins away, it’s expensive. Adios fresh farmer’s market finds.

7. Gym memberships are expensive, and there aren’t any decent ones, so it doesn’t matter anyway. Again, being from San Diego, everyone is a member at some gym. The gyms and classes are amazing and there is a whole world of fitness activities to choose from. Aspen, however has private clubs, which are amazing, but too expensive for anyone normal to buy into. Then you have your specialized yoga and other fitness studios, which are great, but also expensive and don’t offer any variety AT ALL.

8. You are on vacation almost all the time, because people always want to come and visit. Aspen is a vacation spot for most, but the few lucky enough to reside in this jewel of a town, expect all of your friends and family to show up at one point or another. There is always somebody in town, which means, as host, you need to provide the entertainment. Prepare to be exhausted everyday, for months…

9. Getting serious work done takes serious discipline. There is always something going on in this town. Whether you are heading on a hut trip, a camping trip, a show at the Belly Up, or 1/2 off at Kenichi, there is not one day or night that doesn’t tempt you to stray from your money-maker. Living in Aspen is a true test of discipline and focus.

10. It’s a pain in the arse to get in and out of this town. Denver is 4 hours away, flights in and out of this town are not only absurdly expensive, but are cancelled half of the time. So, if you are planning on visiting the Aspen bubble, understand that there is a good chance it’s going to be a hellova process.

Yes, those are all sacrifices we must make, but in my opinion you can throw them all out the window. Why? Because these are all things that make Aspen special. This secluded, yet highly sought after wonderland, is one of the best places on earth. Anyone who disagrees hasn’t visited our sacred little town.

So, to all of those dreaming of living in paradise, where there is a will, there’s a way…





Ive never been more nervous, but more secure in my entire life. I hate leaving the man I love, but for some reason, I always know it wont be the last. Doesn’t make it any easier though.

Loving someone who is a risk is often my surest bet. Why? I guess because it lowers my chances of getting hurt. However, with this particular love, I’m learning this is not always the case.

This love is different. It is a risk, but one with a great reward.

Ive learned from my mistakes in this relationship, and I will not make those again. I feel too hard, too fast. Fell out of touch with what I expected of both myself and my man.

No more. That relationship proved to be one of the most heart wrenching relationships I had experienced. Up, down, sideways. I wasn’t sure what was going on. The one thing I did know was that I believed in the man that was on the other side of the phone. I believed he was what I wanted.

Now, almost a year and a half later, a break up here and there, a reunion, and an expression of love, I am back in it and am totally overwhelmed. I am not sure whether I am amazingly in love with him, terrified that he may not be ready for what I am looking for, or maybe I am just a total head case. There is just too much to work through if I even decide to look into any one of those scenarios. So, I am not going to. I am just going to let it go. If it works, it will work. If he decides that this life, with me by his side, is what he wants, he will come and get it. But let it be known, I wont sit around wishing and hoping. I will live my life, and if Im there when he turns up, then lady luck was on our side.

I hope he doesn’t need to wait. I hope he doesn’t need more time. Just like a perfectly fitted ski boots makes all the difference when skiing, a perfectly fitted match between a man and a woman makes sending it through life just a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

He is my perfectly fitted boot, and I am his. What he wants to do with that is up to him. I can’t make that decision for him. I can only be open and honest with what I want and how much love I have for him.

As I sat in the airport this time around, I was so confused. Stoked on the weekend we had together, stoked he wanted to come and visit me, but scared that he was a flight risk. I guess I might be too. Maybe he and I are just so similar that it scares me to be with someone like myself. What does that say about me, then?

I can write about this all day, and it is not going to become any clearer to me. It is not something I can just figure out. It will come with time. I know what I want now, and that is all that matters. I love him, and that is all he needs to know.

When an elephant walks through a stampede, is he dominant?


I guess it depends whether it’s a Mischief of mice or a crash of Rhinos, isn’t the elephant always king? They say the Lion is the king of the jungle, but aren’t we missing something here? Together lions may be able to take down an elephant, but solo, the elephant wins, every time. Why? Well, first off, he’s fucking huge. Secondly, he’s thick skinned, and thidly, well, he’s an elephant. But all of this doesn’t mean he is invincible. Invincibility is a strange concept. When we are young, we often thing of ourselves as invincible, something that no one can touch. However, how far from reality can we go? If that magical creature I call an elephant can be defeated, then there is no doubt that the same fate lies….for all of us. Not because we all end in the same place, but rather because we all have a weakness. That weakness, if not perfectly controlled in a temperature monitored room, will be that one thing. We all know what that one thing is…It is nothing that can really e expressed through a conversation, but rather through action. But, then again, isn’t anything real expressed through action.

Sipping Tequila From a Bottle Ain’t Never Easy…


Margharita 2

Sipping tequila from a bottle ain’t never easy, but sometimes you just have to sack up and play the game. It is never easy to do things that seem trivial or inadequate, but the fact remains that there is no easy way to turn an opportunity down.

When we are young, and im talking, young here, under 25, we can drink all night, work all day and do it all over again. But, as you get older, things tend to change. It is not the environment that is changing, it is you. It’s not a bad thing. We all must change to evolve, right? Evolution, afterall, is change. It is not at all that we get more boring, or we get me in tune with our schedules, it is simply that we value different things.

What is it that we value more at this point? Is it our bank accounts? Our freedom? What makes us turn from little party hamsters who can spin a wheel for hours on end to being content just enjoying a great night in with a bottle of wine (in my case, and in yours…don’t lie) and our Netflix or writing, or whatever else that inspires you. It has been a strange transformation for me, a transformation that I am beginning to understand and come to terms with. I am always in a battle between “I need to get my shit together, and life is short, fuck it.” However, what I have found is that you need to find a balance of both…..and believe me, that shit ain’t easy. Life is so much fun, and there is so much to experience, but we also have to make a name for ourselves, and no one ever wants to be, “You were the best in the hot tub last night”.

In any case, there comes a time in our lives when shit just starts to flow. You don’t exatly know why or how, but it does. You start to see things in a different way, as in, Im not going to do that tonight, because I have a boatload of stuff to do tomorrow, etc. This doesn’t make you boring, it makes you interesting. Why? Because you have something else going on in your life that matters and that makes a difference. I know we all love Veuve on a Tuesday, but sometimes, that thing, that shit, that makes you feel powerful, you know, your job, stops you from all of that. I’m not saying throw away any of your vices, im just saying, start to control them. Don’t let them guide you, but you guide them, just as everything else in your life right now.

Let’s be honest, partying is a hell of a lot of fun, and we have all been there and done that, however, don’t you think its time to choose there and that? The best part about getting older is that we have the power/will power to select when we want to get crazy and, well, frankly, when we just cant. Granted, it takes some control, but we all have that in us, it all comes down to what you want in the long run…