When an elephant walks through a stampede, is he dominant?

I guess it depends whether it’s a Mischief of mice or a crash of Rhinos, isn’t the elephant always king? They say the Lion is the king of the jungle, but aren’t we missing something here? Together lions may be able to take down an elephant, but solo, the elephant wins, every time. Why? Well, first off, he’s fucking huge. Secondly, he’s thick skinned, and thidly, well, he’s an elephant. But all of this doesn’t mean he is invincible. Invincibility is a strange concept. When we are young, we often thing of ourselves as invincible, something that no one can touch. However, how far from reality can we go? If that magical creature I call an elephant can be defeated, then there is no doubt that the same fate lies….for all of us. Not because we all end in the same place, but rather because we all have a weakness. That weakness, if not perfectly controlled in a temperature monitored room, will be that one thing. We all know what that one thing is…It is nothing that can really e expressed through a conversation, but rather through action. But, then again, isn’t anything real expressed through action.

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