Sipping Tequila From a Bottle Ain’t Never Easy…

Margharita 2

Sipping tequila from a bottle ain’t never easy, but sometimes you just have to sack up and play the game. It is never easy to do things that seem trivial or inadequate, but the fact remains that there is no easy way to turn an opportunity down.

When we are young, and im talking, young here, under 25, we can drink all night, work all day and do it all over again. But, as you get older, things tend to change. It is not the environment that is changing, it is you. It’s not a bad thing. We all must change to evolve, right? Evolution, afterall, is change. It is not at all that we get more boring, or we get me in tune with our schedules, it is simply that we value different things.

What is it that we value more at this point? Is it our bank accounts? Our freedom? What makes us turn from little party hamsters who can spin a wheel for hours on end to being content just enjoying a great night in with a bottle of wine (in my case, and in yours…don’t lie) and our Netflix or writing, or whatever else that inspires you. It has been a strange transformation for me, a transformation that I am beginning to understand and come to terms with. I am always in a battle between “I need to get my shit together, and life is short, fuck it.” However, what I have found is that you need to find a balance of both…..and believe me, that shit ain’t easy. Life is so much fun, and there is so much to experience, but we also have to make a name for ourselves, and no one ever wants to be, “You were the best in the hot tub last night”.

In any case, there comes a time in our lives when shit just starts to flow. You don’t exatly know why or how, but it does. You start to see things in a different way, as in, Im not going to do that tonight, because I have a boatload of stuff to do tomorrow, etc. This doesn’t make you boring, it makes you interesting. Why? Because you have something else going on in your life that matters and that makes a difference. I know we all love Veuve on a Tuesday, but sometimes, that thing, that shit, that makes you feel powerful, you know, your job, stops you from all of that. I’m not saying throw away any of your vices, im just saying, start to control them. Don’t let them guide you, but you guide them, just as everything else in your life right now.

Let’s be honest, partying is a hell of a lot of fun, and we have all been there and done that, however, don’t you think its time to choose there and that? The best part about getting older is that we have the power/will power to select when we want to get crazy and, well, frankly, when we just cant. Granted, it takes some control, but we all have that in us, it all comes down to what you want in the long run…

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