Where’s the Snow? New Years in Lake Tahoe







What do you get when you shove three sets of ski gear, a cooler of wine and cheese, and four overly enthusiastic girls into one very small white rabbit? First, a tight fit, but more importantly blissful chaos.

Lake Tahoe was our destination, but having a fun filled New Years in the mountains was our M.O. There is something very special about spending New Years in the mountains. Ending the year skiing and starting the year skiing…it doesn’t get any better than that.

The start to our journey was anything but smooth. Trying to squeeze all of our stuff and ourselves wasn’t easy, but we did it. It was like playing a life size game of tetris. Skis, boots, bags were all strategically placed to fit perfectly. However, it wasn’t going to be comfortable. The trip is a total of 9 to 10 hours depending on how many times you stop and how fast you feel like driving. I started the drive off. Carly and Tati sat in the back, asses smooshed together due to the lack of space. Carly is one of the most amazing girls I have ever met. Her general attitude towards life is unparalleled and ever so refreshing. Carly’s one request? Lunch at a roadside restaurant with wood panelling, fat bellied, bearded men crying into their chili, and a bit of taxidermy decor. Seems like a scene from a movie, right? But guess what? We checked that box off the list.

Tati is my sister. She currently lives in Boston. She is a badass skier, and my best friend. Alex, my roommate sat shotgun. Alex and I are partners in crime. There is nothing we wont have fun doing together.

After nine and a half hours and a bottle of wine later, we made it to the cabin. We were invited by our friend who just happened to have a heavenly cabin with a view. The cabin is located in Incline Village. Incline Village is definitely on the quieter side of the lake, but we weren’t there to kiss boys, we were there to hang out and have some fun with our crew.

The first night was mellow.

The next morning we were up early. Carly, Tati and I geared up to head to Squaw. We knew it was going to be a hot day, but I did not think any of us were prepared for what was to be our skiing reality. It was so unbelievably hot. I skied in my bibs and a flannel, while my sister skied in a sweatshirt. Spring skiing in December.

My sister got hooked up with a pair of Smith Regulator Prophecy goggles, a pair she is totally obsessed with. I do have to say though, there is nothing like a good pair of goggles when you ski. Goggles are always worth the investment you put in.


Tati also just bought a pair of Nordica Transfire R2s. Again, she is obsessed with them. I’ll admit, they are a pretty good looking boot, and apparently comfy as can be.


Squaw Valley is about 30 minutes away from the cabin, so it took us a hot second to get up there. Once we got to the village, we ate breakfast and jumped on the lift. What did we find? Not a whole lot. California is being robbed of a winter. There was NO snow. I have never skied at Squaw before, but the mountain looks incredibly fun…when there is snow. We knew this was going to be a top to beer kind of day.

We skied fast groomers all day. There were a ton of people on the mountain, and conditions were pretty icy. Not ideal, but like I always say, any day on skis is a good day.

That night we made a feast and a drank entirely too much vodka. But, hey, that is what New Years is all about right?

New Years morning came way too quickly, and we were all a little bruised. That didn’t stop us. We rallied the entire cabin to come join us at Squaw, even if they were just going to sit at the base and drink all day. Again, it was another day of Spring skiing, yet this time, in January.

We spend the majority of the day drinking bloody marys and beers. What else are you supposed to do when there is no snow to ski?

That night we hit up the Chart House in South Lake Tahoe. What an opulent dinner we had. Martinis, sea bass, shrimp and grits :/, lava cakes, port, and champagne. We had it all. It really was divine. This was our first dinner in the New Year and the Last Supper of the trip. Not bad at all.

The next day, we packed it all into my little white rabbit once again, and headed off into the distance, back to San Diego.

All-in-all it was an AMAZING trip. Surely, not because of the snow, but because of the people we were with. There was never a moment without a smile or a genuine laugh. That is what it’s all about, after all. Isn’t it?

I cannot wait to go back when there is snow. I saw a ton of little chutes that I’d really like to try the next time I am up there. I know I will not be going back until there is snow, because, honestly, the groomers that were open aren’t all that fun. Even though it wasn’t the most fruitful of trips as far as skiing, it was the most PERFECT way to start off 2014.

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