First Weekend in Mammoth

Skis, boots, poles, gear, all packed into the back of my VW Rabbit. I was venturing to Mammoth for the first time. It’s hard to believe this was the first time I had ever skied Mammoth considering i’m from SoCal, but I had always ventured outside the state to have some snowy fun. I was stoked to get up there, check out the town, and get in some turns.

Six and a half hours after leaving San Diego, I arrived. I arrived outside the house where I was staying. It was a ski house that could hold up to 25 weekend ski bums. Weekenders are those that hold 9-5 jobs in the city, and travel in crews up to live the ski bum lifestyle for a just a couple of days. The house was full of them. I had never met any of them before, but we all had mutual friends somewhere along the way. It’s easy to bond with others in that situation when you all have one HUGE thing in common, you’re all stoked to ski. Not to mention the beers by the fire and the mass amounts of Fireball. We did that for two nights straight. Stone IPA, Fireball, beer pong, and whatever else we could find to keep up warm dominated our nights. There is nothing like sitting by the fire drinking beers with a fantastic crew after a day of skiing.

Mammoth really hasn’t been dumped on yet, so there was not a whole lot of terrain open. This turned out to actually be a good thing considering the last thing I needed was to be tempted by an super fun line. My knee was feeling strong, but there was no reason to push it seeing as it was my first day back on skis since my injury last year.

The crew showed me around the mountain, including where to find the best blood marys. Couldn’t have been more fun. We played around in the park a bit, and skied some pretty fun groomers with a few tree lines stuffed in between. Overall very mellow, but the snow was good and the smiles all around.

What I was wearing:

North Face bibs

– Armada Huntley Jacket

Hestra Pro Model 

Mons Royal base layers

– Smith Optics I/Os

– 4Frnt Arethas

All-in-all stoked to go back and explore the entire mountain that is Mammoth.

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