Rhodes in the Rain (and Sunshine)

I woke up to the jingling and jangling of bangles. Everyone already seemed to be on the deck, enjoying breakfast in what seemed to be cold, stormy weather. Once I dressed and made my way to where everyone was sitting and enjoying yet another Greek breakfast, I realized there were looks of terror on the faces of our crew. Why? Oh yes, our one day in Rhodes, and we get welcomed by a Tornado. It is apparently beautiful and sunny 320 days out of the year, and we happened to show up on one of the other 45 days. Oh well, what’s a traveler to do, but suck it up and enjoy the ride?

Once we were allowed off of the boat, naturally it started to down pour. We hopped into a car, and took off to what we hoped would be a much sunnier side of the island. We wanted to spend the first part of the day in Lindos, and the second part of the day eating and shopping in the main city. We hired a car with an awesome driver, his name was Mike. He took us on a whirlwind of a drive past the beautiful beaches, the ancient ruins, a little church called the Church of the Virgin Katholiki that holds a very important inconostasis of the Virgin Mary. Thankfully, by that time it had started to clear and the weather was becoming more and more delightful. Along the way, our driver took us on the old route to Lindos that was lined with goats, sage bushes, and plumeria trees! Minus the plumeria, the surroundings were very similar to those of Southern California.

Once we got to Lindos, the streets were packed. it is a town donned in white nestled under the grand fortress or Acropolis of Lindos. The beaches were unreal, which is what this side of the island is known for. All I wanted to do was swim, but we didn’t have the time. Instead we grabbed a Mythos with a view. On our way up from the town, we stopped at the Lindos Ice Bar to check it out. Looks to be a pretty fantastic place to stay cool and drink vodka in your puffy.

We headed back to the main town to have lunch. We had reservations at Alexis Fish Restaurant. Yes, it was, again, glorious. We also learned that there were secret tunnels that went all the way from the Castle (dating back to the Knights of Templar) to the restaurant where we sat and beyond. There was even a glass covering in the restaurant showing the tunnels underneath. Quite neat. That is something that I would have loved to do, is explore the city’s tunnels. I am sure there is a lot of history lurking down there.

Rhodes is one place that I would like to go back to and vacation for a week. I want nothing more than to sit at St. Paul’s Bay and soak up the sun, Mythos, and Greek Salads. Stay tuned for what other islands we visited…

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