Bitches Love Dom

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Meet Cali. She’s a little bitch who loves the finer things in life. (See below) Cali is a rad little dog with a big heart. She’s just one of the many animal influences in my life. She love to play, get her hair did, and party with the best of ’em. Ask anybody. Even she gets bored with fine champagne from time to time. It’s always best to mix it up. Why not try some veuve from time to time? You just find you really like it.



Hike to Cathedral Lake with Mountain Man, Brad Unglert


Our first day in Aspen and where do we go? Cathedral Lake of course. Brad, who we were were staying with, dragged us out of bed, threw us some rain jackets and stuffed us in the car. It was so worth it. Cathedral Lake was amazing. The hike was pretty steep, but not too bad. We made it in under two hours and that was coming from sea level. Go us. We met some strange dude at the top that was fishing in below freezing waters wearing sandals. Casual. Apparently he does this thing a lot. Brad wanted to jump in to get the ‘gram, but then got showed up by a chick and her dog that just dove right in. All-in-all, the hike was spectacular. The views were amazing, and it was totally majestic.

Directions to the hike

Hike to Cathedral Lake with Mountain Man, Brad Unglert