The Healdsburg Adventure Continues….

Continued from En Route to Healdsburg: Sonoma County Styling

This would be one of my last trips up here until the big day. This ‘big day’ I speak of happens to be a wedding. Planning parties is what I do. Even though I had been trained by the best in the field, I was a natural. If there was one thing that I can rightfully say flows through my blood, it’s the art of throwing a damn good soiree.

I liked event planning. It was a constantly changing environment. My one qualm? Well, in fact there were two things that kept me from pursuing event planning as my full-time métier. One, my weekends, and two, I have taste, and lets face it, there are not many that posses this ever so important trait. I guess that’s why they hire me. I’m a very strong personality and rolling over on my back because some bride wants hot pink was something I was uninterested in doing. You hire me for my taste and keen attention to detail, not as your personal assistant that must agree with your every whim and desire.

This trip, however, I was meeting with one of the more elegant woman I have ever met. She was young, and from a long-standing Kentucky family. She was fabulous.

Awake and ready for the day, I put on my brand new Chanel dress that screamed wine country, a pair of wedges, and an over-sized yellow leather weekend bag. Feeling fantastic, I strutted down to the car that was waiting just outside the lobby. Coffee and a croissant from the French bakery awaited my arrival. If there was one thing I would never give up in my morning routine, regardless of where I was, it was coffee. Coffee was one of those things that just felt right. It was settling and stimulating all at the same time.

As I sat in the car on the way to Wine Country Rentals, a fabulous party rental company in Sonoma, that feeling of nostalgia, I had noticed, disappeared. It was as if I had awoke in a new city with a new perspective. Oh wait, I had.

Once at the rental studio, I stood outside savoring what was left of my caffeine, making sure I drank every last drop. A woman appeared from around the corner, carrying an over-sized Gucci satchel and wearing over-sized Chanel glasses that almost covered her entire face. Her mother and groom trailed behind. The height of her wedge competed with mine, but I wasn’t going to skip a beat over it.

We needed to choose place settings, bars, lounge furniture and anything else we liked. Interior/exterior design was part of the job…didn’t you know?

After spending over 2 hours at the rental spot, and 2 bars, 4 vintage benches, a place setting, and god knows what else, we were late, but on our way to our food tasting. This was what I had been waiting for all day. Now, just wait until you hear this menu….

To be continued….

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