En Route to Healdsburg: Sonomoa County Styling

Another day, another adventure. Some go to the office day in and day out, I am not part of that ‘some’. I live a very different life, as many of you know. Sometimes I work in an office, sometimes in another city, sometimes on another continent. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Constant change was something I craved. There was nothing I feared more than stagnation. It scared me. And that is the last I shall speak of my fears.

For this excursion, I was en route to Healdsburg, a small town in the heart of Wine Country.

Golden Gate Bridge Lights

Exhausted. I sat in the back of the car watching the lights of the Golden Gate bridge appear brighter every second. It was going to be a long ride. My plane had been delayed due to ‘treacherous’ San Francisco weather. Naturally, a cocktail was in order. 4 hours of travelling later, and there I sat in the back of a black chauffeured tahoe taking me to my next destination. I requested there be a bottle of wine in the back of the car, because, God knows I needed it after that trip.

I sipped on some of Sonoma’s finest, and proceeded to continue watching the episode of Downton Abbey that had been interrupted by the landing. It was 11pm. I didn’t want to think. I wanted to turn off. I had been a tad bit nostalgic all day, and I had been fighting with myself to pinpoint exactly where this emotion was coming from.  I couldn’t. Regardless, I wasn’t going to try and analyze my brain at this moment in time. I was going to turn it off, and indulge in a world of luxurious decadence. A type of decadence and formality that didn’t exist anymore. Sometimes I felt that I was better suited for a time long ago, but then I wake up and realize that my life resides in casual luxury, and there was nothing I was more right for.

A two hour car ride, a quick and very necessary stop at In N’ Out, and I would arrive at my country classic hotel in the heart of Healdsburg. A girl’s got to have her hamburger.

Healdsburg is one of those places that you visit when you have been married and would like a quiet evening and a delectable dinner with your honey. It was a ghost town when I arrived, which did not help this feeling I could not defeat. It was a rare feeling, but one that I had been feeling lately. I didn’t like it, and it surely didn’t suit my lifestyle. In any case, I had to lay my head to sleep. Tomorrow would prove to be a very trying day, a fun day, filled with duck confit and fine wines from the area, but nonetheless exhausting. Work is work , after all. 🙂

To be continued….

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