The Healdsburg Adventure Continues….

Continued from En Route to Healdsburg: Sonoma County Styling This would be one of my last trips up here until the big day. This ‘big day’ I speak of happens to be a wedding. Planning parties is what I do. Even though I had been trained by the best in the field, I was aContinue reading “The Healdsburg Adventure Continues….”

En Route to Healdsburg: Sonomoa County Styling

Another day, another adventure. Some go to the office day in and day out, I am not part of that ‘some’. I live a very different life, as many of you know. Sometimes I work in an office, sometimes in another city, sometimes on another continent. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Constant changeContinue reading “En Route to Healdsburg: Sonomoa County Styling”

The Start to a San Diego Weekend Affair: Downtown SD

Let’s change things up a little bit. The weather is heating up and summer is almost here. San Diego is the perfect town for a perfect summer. When you live like we do, San Diego is nothing but a playground. Between Downtown San Diego and Encinitas, this city is our oyster. Even though I’m breakingContinue reading “The Start to a San Diego Weekend Affair: Downtown SD”

Deep Into the Belly of the Fish

Back to reality, and wandering through the village, we made the necessary rounds. The Beagle looked a little lonely, so we decided to pop in for a quickie. A little warm up to the main event, if you will. You always want a practice run, just so you know what kind of night this mayContinue reading “Deep Into the Belly of the Fish”